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Welcome to TOMM®
The Outcomes Measurement Model.

TOMM is the outcomes model that puts the client at the centre and keeps them there. It takes a fully holistic approach to care and support. It assists practitioners to create positive outcomes providing the greatest opportunity for each young person to reach their potential.

How TOMM® works


User Experience

TOMM® is the most delightfully user friendly outcomes measurement model. Its highly intuitive, aesthetically-pleasing design makes the model a pleasure to work with.

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Young Person at the Centre

TOMM® loyally holds the Young Person at the centre while providing the practitioners they are engaged with a set of tools rigorously designed to support best practice, providing the best possible chance of each Young Person reaching their potential.

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Improve Outcomes

TOMM® provides you with the vital insights required for gaining the best possible understanding of young people with a view to improving, refining or extending the services, interventions and programmes being provided.

This is essential for any organisation interested in having the young people they are working alongside achieve their potential.

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Tracking outcomes

TOMM® tracks outcomes over time. TOMM® does this by providing an holistic, comprehensive framework of measurements from which the Young Person's progress is benchmarked over the duration of their engagement with the service.

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Key Indicators

As well as the framework of the universal truths for human wellbeing TOMM® provides tools which are customised to the specific requirements of each organisation. These may be anything from BMI to fitness measurements, disease management and police interactions.

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Sharing Information

TOMM® allows information to be shared between practitioners for the benefit of the Young Person in their shared care. The sharing of information improves outcomes for the Young Person by ensuring everyone involved has a greater understanding of the Young Person's strengths and challenges.

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Simple, easy to read graphs display entry, progress and outcome assessments for individuals, groups and programmes so you can clearly see which interventions, programmes or services work for which person.

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Real-Time Evaluation

A set of evaluative criteria is embedded in the outcomes measures. The descriptors for the outcomes measures outline the criteria for 'judging' (assessing) how good a Young Person's health and wellbeing is. TOMM® has automated functions which ensure the data entry process happens in 'real time'. What this means is 'real time' evaluation is always in progress.

Young person development

Early Intervention

Real time evaluation combined with high visibility of current issues which trigger alerts for Young Persons whose health and wellbeing is 'slipping' supports the earliest possible application of interventions.

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Targeting Your Resources

Visibility of outcomes provided by TOMM® also assists organisations and funders to prioritise where they target services and programmes to best meet the needs of young people.

Wellbeing framework

Organising Your Team

This visibility also assists organisations with workforce development and capabilities to ensure that staff are well placed to meet the needs of the young people they are working with.

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Access From Anywhere

TOMM® has special features to assist NGO's with government reporting, reducing the time and effort this consumes of your valuable resources.

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